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Iso-Hook for additonal exercises using the Isokinator
Isokinator Iso-Hook extra strap
Snap hook with a long pull loop in climber- quality for 5 more new and advanced exercises . The Iso -hook loop extends the standard pull loops of Isokinators . As a result, there are many new ways of training . Officially tested and authorized by Koelbel Training Research are at first 5 special exercises .
22,00 € *
Isokinator Clutch Bag
Isokinator Clutch Bag
A noble bag made ​​of soft, supple leather for the Isokinator. Made for each model plus accessories (such as the iso-hook loop). With good zipper and embossing.
30,00 € *
Isokinator Soft Bag
Isokinator Soft Bag
A special microfibre pouch that not only protects during transport. It can be used at the same time for care and cleaning. The roughened surface can fingerprints, dust or grease marks disappear quickly. By the cord with safety clip your Isokinator remains sure in the bag, without that other objects can damage its beautiful surface.
10,00 € *
Isokinator Crumpled Chart
Isokinator Crumpled Chart
The hard wearing chart that nothing resents you. With only 20 grams a real lightweight! Mobile, waterproof and virtually indestructible.
15,00 € *
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