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The experts at Koelbel Training Research know how to train at home and how to come in a good shape quickly. We show in this blog that resistance training and fitness can be easy and explain in simple words the latest findings of modern sports science.

Strength Training - Body Building - Muscle Development - Endurance

But why muscle building for men and women at any age? It's not about body building under the old understanding, but also the health aspect of it. Everyone knows that you have to do something for your body, so that the physical decay is stopped. And it's not that hard: after only 3 months you can bring a neglected body back to top form and almost in passing targeted form an athletic body. We show here that this does not have to change your entire life, but should observe a few simple rules for fitness training and nutrition.

Isokinator Shop - to buy here

Here you will find all information about the Isokinator and the isokinetic training principle. The Isokinator (and accessories) you will not find in retail stores. In no local shop and conscious at no other dealer. The Isokinator is handmade "Made in Germany" and therefore it can only be ordered directly from the manufacturer here. You will find our products exclusively here in this internet shop only. All deliveries are always shipped directly from the Koelbel Training Research warehouse in Germany to our clients all over the world.