The best 9 tips for training at home

9 tips for training at home

How to replace an entire gym 

Training at home can be very simple yet effective. You just need to follow a few basic rules or tips to make it really useful and successful.

Successful strength training, endurance training, muscle training and fitness training!

The experts at Koelbel training research have developed 9 basic tips for training at home. Request now for free:

Koelbel Training Research - Get in shape with more muscles

Koelbel Training Research knows how you can train at home and get in good shape quickly with more muscles. On these pages, Gert F. Koelbel and his sons show how easy training and fitness can be and explain the latest findings in modern sports science in simple words.

Fitness, weight training, muscle building or bodybuilding?

But why actually build muscle for men and women of all ages? It's not about bodybuilding according to the old understanding, but above all about the health aspect of it. Everyone knows that you have to do something for your body to stop the natural physical decline. And it's not that difficult: after just about 3 months, you can get a neglected body back into top shape and, almost at the same time, shape an athletic body. We'll show you here that you don't have to change your entire life, just follow a few simple rules when it comes to fitness training and nutrition

Koelbel recommends the Isokinator

Effective and high-intensity muscle building with one device at home or on the go. The mobile training device delivers quick results and also optimizes your health. You always train with 70% of your maximum strength. The Isokinator training guide shows you a complete full-body workout with just 7 basic exercises. The fitness device controls your use of strength and thus prevents training errors. Strength training and endurance training at the same time quickly bring visible and measurable results. And you only train 3x 23 minutes a week!

Tip: You can only order the Isokinator exclusively from Koelbel Training Research!

P.S. Koelbel Training Research guarantees your success! You have no risk at all.

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Isokinator Classic Box Set

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Isokinator Classic 

This package with all the extras replaces a complete gym. You don't need anything else and you could train on a desert island for at least 20 years. And of course especially at home or on a business trip.

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