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  • Success stories wanted: Share your Isokinator-training experience

    Who has just begun with the Isokinator training can't believe what just happened all with his own body even hardly. Everyone has to tell a different story. And exactly such experiences we are looking for.
  • Isokinator App for free

    The free app for the Isokinator (in English as well). Now the mobile Isokinator has still got his own app for the true mobile use. Not quite in accordance with our firm principles, but by popular demand.
  • The optimal training speed is 30 BPM

    How fast a movement should be performed with the Isokinator? "Every back" and "every force" or "every up" and "every down" during Isokinator training should be done in about 2 seconds. The musician calls it 30 BPM (beats per minute).

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