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Welcome to our blog. Here will find all information about fitness, strength training and the benefits. Since more than 60 years (est. 1957) we are collecting scientific news and are developing fitness devices with special manuals for home use. Today you won't need any other device except the Isokinator for the best body of your life. Please read all about it …


The abbreviation CCCC (pronounced 4C) stands for: Combined Constant and Controlled Contraction.
More resistance, firmer pull loops and less weight! These two special models look very classy and they are limited. They differ from the standard models not only in their particularly simple coloring.
Fitness has changed! Your Isokinator does not need long cables, levers, or reserving elements anymore. The machine follows for itself with all movements. Direct between your hands or feet ("companion-effect"). Feel free from the constrain-conducted movements of big training machines.
The official film about the muscle training using the Isokinator. A detailed training manual plus instructions on Youtube about the Isokinator of the Koelbel Training Research.
NEW! The compact device can accompany you like a mobile device. The first hand held fitness device ever. A short workout anywhere anytime.
Who has just begun with the Isokinator training can't believe what just happened all with his own body even hardly. Everyone has to tell a different story. And exactly such experiences we are looking for.
The free app for the Isokinator (in English as well). Now the mobile Isokinator has still got his own app for the true mobile use. Not quite in accordance with our firm principles, but by popular demand.
How fast a movement should be performed with the Isokinator? "Every back" and "every force" or "every up" and "every down" during Isokinator training should be done in about 2 seconds. The musician calls it 30 BPM (beats per minute).