Isokinator Classic - Fitness Machine in hand-held-class

Standard-Edition. Made in Germany. 20-year full guarantee by the manufacturer with "no ifs or buts"! Incl. training instructions, training diary, Iso-Hook, Soft-Bag, Crumpled Chart and other information.

Made for more and bigger muscles

Solid basis-model with cockpit in gold / silver and adjustable levels of resistance from 0,5 to 90 kg (= 1 to 198 lbs). Quick training results at the seven main muscle groups and up to 400 helping- and apart-muscles. There is no other exerciser with a greater result-level for muscles, health and body styling. Built-in coaches-care, control of the power-intensity via two golden bullets (too much, too less or the absolute correct resistance?). 20 years warranty. Deluxe quality hand made in Germany.

New model (since May 2020)! Like the limited edition models: With thicker handle loops and less weight.

Product information "Isokinator Classic"

The ISOKINATOR Classic Box-Set with training instructions, training diary, Iso-Hook, Soft-Bag, Crumpled Chart and other information. The mobile home gym in compact size for fast results.

A fitness device with many benefits
✔ fitness machine in compact size (hand-held-class) - mobile & always with you
✔ trains and forms all muscles groups (man and woman at any age)
✔ quick, visible and measurable success in muscle building and body shaping
✔ perfect training guided by control instruments, no injuries possible
✔ resistance is stepless adjustable from 0-90 kilo pond (198 lbs)
✔ for beginners and professionals
✔ with detailed manual with exercise instructions in English
✔ 20 years warranty: stable and maintenance free

The Isokinator makes your muscles athletic - in 72 days

An Isokinator makes inches of sporting contours: 15 inches more muscle after 36x training. 23 minutes of training every other day are enough. You can feel and see how your body will be attractive and athletic be formed. Already by 36 times in training with an Isokinator (university certificate). The unit gives in that time 15-16 inches (38-41 centimeters) sporty new measurements to the arms, legs, chest, back and shoulders. Alone against the "belly" there is one exercise with 5 effects simultaneously, which not many know about. Lots of praise from NASA: "It is an interesting and thoughtful design ..."

Training at any time at home, hotel, beach

The Isokinator is a whole gym in your pocket (mobile hand-held class). You don't need anything else. Adjustable between 0.5 and 90 kilo pond. Strong as a vise. For professional exercising at home or away. You can do your work-out just when and where you want, even standing under the running shower. The Isokinator (made in Germany) is the world's first fitness machine that can do that. A great new and effective fitness experience. You save membership fees, long distances and time.

Error-free training as from the textbook

The sports science agrees that an optimal success occurs when a muscle-building exercise with 70% of the maximum force is carried out in 3 sets of 10 repetitions each. The Isokinator determines your maximum power and then asks you exactly for 70%. During the training itself, the device controls and signals, if you subside unconsciously in the force. Or it may be the other way around that the next time you should adjust some more resistance. In combination with the so-called full-load effect - where the resistance remains unchanged over the entire movement distance - this becomes the best training principle you can imagine. All without jerk and shock, no sudden load changes and all movements as in slow motion. Your tendons and joints will thank you in a few years.

Suddenly everything is easy

Just set a resistance and dock hands or feet to pull the loops. Take this powerblock and keep it. Now you can move the unit to every direction (combination of isometric + dynamic). For example, horizontally from side to side. Or in large circles. Or vertically up and down. Depending on the desired muscle response and the exercises. Just follow the good explaining training instruction in English and German (always included). You need only 7 exercises for the complete body.

No more force guided exercises

The Isokinator is completely free of the forced movements. It follows with full resistance during the whole movement. Directly between the hands or feet. This gives explosive muscle growth for the whole body.

Also from the perspective of a professional perfect

With only 7 basic exercises you can reach all the muscles on the body. Not only the main muscles, but also the auxiliary and secondary muscles. Thanks to its compact design, the Isokinator allows exercise movements that were impossible before. The resistors are moved freely around the body - without any restrictions. This is at least as good as the training required by professionals with free dumbbells. Coordination, balance and even endurance (cardio) are also taken into account in the Isokinator.

Koelbel Training Research guarantees 20 years for the device and ensures your success with it!


Isokinator training manual DVD dairy

Always included:

To each Isokinator you will get a detailed manual with pictures and instructions. Plus the Isokinator Film at YouTube. For men and women. You will see clearly how to do your work-out. You will learn about the best exercises, the right speed, the optimum power setting, the correct breathing and also 20 hints for being more successful. Also included is the brand new training dairy to note your results and progress.



Solid basis-model with cockpit in gold / silver and adjustable levels of resistance from 0,5 to 90 kg (= 1 to 198 lbs). Quick training results at the seven head-muscle groups and up to 400 helping- and apart-muscles. There is no other exerciser with a greater result-level for muscles, health and body styling. Built-in coaches-care, control of the power-intensity via two golden bullets (too much, too less or the absolute correct resistance?). 20 years warranty.


Isokinator Classic Cockpit


An Isokinator builds up your muscles - and fast

You train arms, legs, chest, back, abdomen and shoulders. All seven major muscle groups. But - and this is unique - with no negative effects on tendons and joints. All exercises are done slowly (as if in slow motion) and tough and resilient. There are no sudden or quick movements, as in many ball sports. The injury risk is zero.

This is the principle invented by Koelbel regarding the Isokinetic: the muscle movement in all sections receives a constant resistance. Please do not confuse with isometric exercises - there is a resistance only held motionless.

The possible result is impressive and scientifically proven.

After 36x training you will built up 38 centimeters (14,8 inches) new circumference-measurements.
A scientific report confirms the Isokinator: After training 36 times there are 38 cm new circumference measurements (Institute of Sports Science at the University of Hannover, Leibniz University recently). Even whole body parts to be optimized and more efficient. It's the best combined training for health and figure.

Up to 400 more muscles will also be switched on

Only seven exercises to switch 400 supporting and auxiliary muscles with one. Without that you have to worry about extra. And after about 6 minutes of exercise, the endurance built up with the same. Training with the Isokinator outperforms all body-results in general sports.

Get in shape, get a new body - muscles are attractive!

This training chart shows seven exercises for men. Each week you can watch your body-transformation at your arms, legs, chest, shoulder and back. Lose waist circumference and show your sixpack. Targeted Fitness means the Isokinator is working direct on your muscles (agonist and antagonist). Enjoy strength and great body results. Quote: Wellness-Magazine 09/2007: "Isokinator's development is a great invention. The motion sequences beats dumbbells and studio machines. The cockpit display allows a controlled training."

An Isokinator is an Optimizer for your health

Strength training produces the body's own chemical messengers. Which provide for a strengthening of all internal organs and the vascular system gets more pass. Build muscles, ensure better bones, joints, tendons and ligaments and optimizes your blood, brain power and general oxygen supply. After 6 minutes strength training you also train the cardio system and the stamina. Fat will be burned - also even many hours after the training (so called "after burning effect" or EPOC = Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. Quote: Prof. Weineck, Sportbiologie 10, 2010, 658). The immune system is strengthened and the hormonal system is activated. This special kind of fitness is your best friend in anti-aging! Even as addition or optimization for one sided sports.

The body of 40 responds twice as good

Muscle weakness from forty years causes facial wrinkles, you get a crooked posture and maybe a worn out skin at your arms. Other people get shark fins at their back (projecting blade bones) and have a prominent dorsal. In this age your body cries for help and is waiting for an specifically workout. Also your belly wants a training. Show your sixpack. Even if you can't see it at once, a tummy work-out always helps the digestion and form your belly to bulge inwards instead of outwards.

How often do I have to train?

Do not train daily. For a great and a better body result, we recommend the workout for every two days. You'll have more success! The muscles grow only on the day after training! A complete body workout with your Isokinator will end in about 20 minutes. The big surprise: if you have reached your body-aim, you can keep it by doing a maintaining-training (only once every 10-14 days).


transformation with an Isokinator

Only the musculature should shape the male figure

It protects the man, gives him strength and posture and is the only fat burning organ. Exercising muscles also release messengers. In this way they communicate with the internal organs and makes them stronger and more powerful. But that is not all:

wash board belly with an Isokinator

1.) Your abdominal muscles tighten

The intestine does not bulge the weak muscle cover forward. This leads to the concave shape (curvature inwards). Then the washboard belly can also be formed. Health benefits: abdominal muscles deeply massage the intestine. Food is transported faster. Fat burning is increased by 5% for hours (see Prof. de Marées, Sportbiologie 9, 2004, 500,627).
firmer butt with an Isokinator

2.) Front and back of your legs and the buttocks

The exercises for the abdominals and your legs and butt muscles are sporty shape. Health benefits: Athletic legs support the return flow of the blood to the heart. Because of the tough elastic resistances of the Isokinator no wear on knee and hip joints as in most sports.
strong arms with an Isokinator

3.) Front and back sides of your arms

The Isokinator builds both sides of the arm at the same time and also the shoulders. Health benefits: Athletic arms support the return flow of the blood to the heart. The work-out also strengthens the bones.
healthy back with an Isokinator

4.) Strengthening the lower back muscles

These are the most important opponents to the abdominal muscles. They give the striped abdomen muscles for a sporty-upright posture. Health benefits: From the first day, these muscles stabilize the fit of your discs (protection of the spine by muscles).
bigger chest and upper back muscles

5.) Chest and upper back muscles

This can not provide general sport. Mostly after 36 x training 10 cm more chest basket circumference (Berends, training with the Isokinator, Inst, f. Sportwissenschaft, 2005). Health benefits: This makes your breathing deep and rich in oxygen. Down to the smallest ramifications. Germs can hardly settle there. The sporty blood circulation reaches through the training also the coronary vessels. (So-called. "Heart ointments effect").

Heart and circulation and endurance

6.) Heart and circulation and endurance

After 6 minutes of strength training the endurance is trained at the same time. For the rest of the training session. Health benefits: Your blood vessels get more passage. New vessels are formed. Recovery for the heart! (See Schmidt, Kraus, Raab, Strauzenberg, Sportbiologie 9, 2004, 524).

Each Isokinator-model has different benefits. But all have the same technique:

Isokinator all details explained

No batteries needed, no oil, no maintenance and 20 years warranty by the manufacturer.

ORIGINAL SIZE 180 x 80 x 12 MILLIMETER (INCH = 7.09 x 3.15 x 0.47)

WEIGHT: 400 GRAMM (0.88 LBS)


Isokinator Classic is very flat

The Isokinator Classic is just 12 millimeters high.

Two fists and an Isokinator Classic

two fists and an Isokinator Classic


Fitness will be fascinating: 

Your Isokinator does not need long cables, levers, or reserving elements anymore. The machine follows for itself with all movements. Direct between your hands or feet ("companion-effect"). Feel free from the constrain-conducted movements of big training machines. The Isokinator transmits previous cable and lever actions into your arms, legs and torso. In this manner the device doubles the effects with new isokinetic (not isometric) exercises. Build your athletic body faster now.

Everything becomes simple:

Set a resistance and dock hands or feet in the "loops". Take the Isokinator in continuous traction and hold this resistance. Now you can move the Isokinator with powerful muscle tension. For example, horizontal, in circles or back and forth. Or vertical up and down.

How to start and how to built an "POWERBLOCK"

1.) How to set a resistance

Take a look at the kilogram scale and move the slider with thumb and index finger under the horizontal lines. You can choose your resistance between 0,5 kilo stepless up to 90 kilo.

2.) Prepare for a test-exercise

A) Set the slider to 20 or 30 kilo
B) Put your hands in the loops (palms down)
C) Stretch straight forward your arms.

3.) Building a "POWERBLOCK"

Take the Isokinator in continuous traction (POWERBLOCK) by pulling the loops apart to each side. By holding this traction please look at the golden bullets. During your workout the bullets have to be always close to the HOLES. Try to keep them fixed in this position and avoid that they move closer back to the middle. (The "HOLES" are the small drilling markers below the golden bullets).

4.) Try out an exercise

Now move your arms up and down by keep holding the POWERBLOCK (continuous traction). Please move 10 times s-l-o-w-l-y and concentrated from the deepest position up to the "hands up"-position high over your head and way back. If your are ready with these 10 repetitions you are allowed to loose the traction for the first time and relax for a short period. Congratulations! Now you know how to work out.

The POWERBLOCK is considered as the basis for any other exercise.

Get in contact with Isokinator's-Brain

The golden bullets in the steering is the first mechanical bridge of understanding between men and machine. You'll never need any batteries.

Optimize training

For best performance please always choose a weight for your POWERBLOCK, that allows the controlling bullets close to the holes. If your Powerblock will deflect over the holes to the aiming positions, then choose a higher resistance. And if the bullets are not in reach of the holes, then choose a lower resistance. Try it out. And notice your resistance in the training-chart every 10 days.

How much repetitions? How much kilos?

Professional Bodybuilding: choose resistance between 20 and 90 kilos. Workout in 3 powerful sets with 8-10 repetitions. Don't forget to increase resistance, when you get stronger and when muscles will grow. Please don't increase the number of repetitions.

What is an isokinetic-desmodromic training?

"Isokinetic" is a constant resistance from the start to the end of a movement. Desmodromic means: constant resistance even in the turning points of each movement. The Isokinator realizes both types of training at once.

Exercise in slow motion

Every repetition of an exercise has a start and ending point. There are two distances back and forth of 2 seconds each. If you have an exercise with a longer distance you are allowed to use 3-4 seconds for each distance. Avoid rapid movement. And keep always in POWERBLOCK during workout.

Suddenly, everywhere and every time a training

It's so easy. You just need seven exercises (20 minutes / every second day). Train everywhere you want: by travel, at long-distant Airplanetravels, in hotel rooms, at the beach, in your bathroom or maybe exercise in the morning while lying in the bed. Your "Wake-Up-Training" builds your muscles silent and discreet. You can use it while watching TV or even standing under the running shower. In addition your Isokinator is an excellent help for any unbalanced kind of sport.

The science validates anti-aging

There is no problem anymore to be and feel biological younger. For example: with age of 60 years you can turn back the time in your cells to be and feel 30-40 again.
A light resistance training (no stamina sports) can stop and turn back your biological aging process. Today the way to your muscle designed body is more simple than years before. Even in older age. (Quote: Hollmann, Stern 34/98, HAZ 24/99, Bunte 36/99) The "European Journal of Applied Physiology" reported: In every age and after a few days your body begins to create power reserves. "Muscles against weak points" (Quote: Weineck, Sportbilogie 9/ 04,426 and Prof. Pette, Old muscle does not rust, Uni. Konstanz. "You can stay for 20 years in the age of 40" (Prof. Dr. med. Hollmann, Ordinaries for cardiology and sports physician, Sporthochschule Köln). The meaning: Your age is unimportant, the results are independent from your age.


Warming up is unnecessary
The very first exercise warms you up to all following workouts. So, don't waste your time with warm-up's. Also forget cool-down exercises. Your body cools down by itself when you were heated. You only have to warm up when are doing fast and explosive movements. With the Isokinator you move slowly like in slow motion and there are no abrupt movements.

Athletic injuries? No longer possible
The injury potential with this kind of training failures. This training creates no hitch, no crush and no strain in muscles. The Isokinator has a tough-flexible attitude and has a great biological closeness to your muscles, joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Your Isokinator work-out is a slow motion training and no dangerous, aggressive sport.


Only 5 examples from the training manual *

Your device accompanies each movement. An Isokinator no longer needs long pull ropes. It is the compact machine itself, which is close to the body all movements accompanied by hands or feet. The training manual will guide you. In addition to the strength, endurance and coordination are also trained. Thanks to the fully exposed resistors, even better results are achieved than with conventional dumbbells. Here are just a few examples:


Isokinator M1A Biceps builds triceps. And vice versa

Biceps builds triceps. And vice versa

A training that has great success with the adjusted kilo craft between biceps and triceps.

Isokinator M2A Chest muscles also strengthen the heart

Chest muscles also strengthen the heart

Arms crossed - and the chest muscles have their training ( "crossovers"). This also strengthens your heart.

Isokinator M3A Belly away with strength for legs and buttocks

Belly away with strength for legs and buttocks

Do not look for a sport that can offer it. A muscle group is always missing.

Isokinator M6A For legs, calf and buttocks at the same time

For legs, calf and buttocks at the same time

The baseline failure exercise (Lunges), but with the Isokinator still strengthened. Under continuous control of the device, this exercise is performed slowly and as in slow motion. After a short time, the cardiovascular system is also trained.

Isokinator M7A The entire back with just one exercise

The entire back with just one exercise

Here, the upper back, the lower back, the buttocks and the back of the thighs are simultaneously trained and strengthened.

* The current manual (A4 size) is included with each Isokinator


Two guarantees: one for the device and one for your success

The device is stable as an anvil

20 years warranty! Your Isokinator does not contain a single piece of plastic. Only the very best materials: stainless steel, lighter special turning parts, carbon steel and hard aluminum from space (AIMg3). Some elements are even gilded (24 carats). You never need another training device. Hand-made in Germany.

The Koelbel Success Guarantee:

30 days money back guarantee in case of failure: we ask you to use the device really! If you do not see any success in this period or if you do not measure progress, you can use your right of revocation and return the Isokinator.

We trust you and know that you will be successful

Because we can be sure, we also deliver by open invoice to some countries of the European Community, which you pay within 30 days. You see, there is absolutely no risk: If you are disappointed for any reason, please return the device within this time together with your revocation.


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5 out of 5 stars






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30 July 2018 07:44


I can only give positive views of this product. I have 3 other members of my family using an Isokinator, the views are all the same - Addictive, amazing results. I cannot praise this equipment enough. It does take a bit of understanding on the sports science point of view, however once you understand it a little bit, then it all makes sense. After 1 month you see a significant change in your appearance; no question about that. People that are negative to this machine, may not comprehend the science behind it. It is well made incredibly versatile, it does everything for me and I have never suffered any injuries using this. I recommend this to everyone I meet, I do not have to suffer gym cost and I don't think a gym could do any more for me. My family and I are blown away with this product. Worth every penny.

3 October 2018 18:41

Muy satisfecho

Cada día estoy más satisfecho con este producto. Al principio te parece algo caro , pero te aseguro que amortizas cada euro que pagas por él. Responde a todo que le pido a un aparato portátil para el desarrollo muscular: potabilidad, calidad, posibilidad de incrementar la resistencia..... He adquirido varios gadget para hacer trabajo muscular en casa - Bullworker, suspensión, bandas de resistencia etc. Y sin desmerecer a ninguno de éstos, que me han ayudado bastante, sin duda me quedo con el Isokinator.

4 April 2019 23:16

Great piece of Equipment

I have had the Isokinator classic for a few months now. It takes a few workouts to get used some of the exercises but learning curve is quick. I love its engineering, its toughness, its compact size but mostly I love the results this kit can achieve with steady three times a week workouts. I can see results in my body in bigger muscles and a leaner body overall. It maybe expensive but I have no doubt that the Isokinator will last a real longtime. Thank you!

27 June 2020 17:26

Amazing impact

Wow. I did not expect that. After one month of Isokinator training, it has entirely changed my attitude towards home workout. This is not a magic trick - you have to work hard and have high discipline, but the results are amazing. I already reached the point where my body looks like the days I worked out hard in the gym, and that is only after one month. I cannot wait to see the results I will reach after two or three months of continuous work-out.

Optional Extras

Isokinator Clutch Bag
Made of robust Nappa leather.

Measuring Tape plus Training Diary
It is very important to measure your training progress regularly. You notice some physical change not immediately in the mirror. Using a suitable measuring tape however you can already find 3-5 centimeter more muscle size quickly. This is a metric measuring tape in centimeters (not inches).