Isokinator Classic - International Set

Made for more and bigger muscles

Solid basis-model with cockpit in gold / silver and adjustable levels of resistance from 0,5 to 90 kg (= 1 to 198 lbs). Quick training results at the seven main muscle groups and up to 400 helping- and apart-muscles. There is no other exerciser with a greater result-level for muscles, health and body styling. Built-in coaches-care, control of the power-intensity via two golden bullets (too much, too less or the absolute correct resistance?). 20 years warranty. Deluxe quality hand made in Germany.

New model (since May 2020)! Like the limited edition models: With thicker handle loops and less weight.

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  • WW9103
  • Each Isokinator incl. manual, diary and DVD.
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Info: "Isokinator Classic - International Set"

The Isokinator makes your muscles athletic - in 72 days

An Isokinator makes inches of sporting contours: 15 inches more muscle after 36x training
23 minutes of training every other day are enough. You can feel and see how your body will be attractive and athletic be formed. Already by 36 times in training with an Isokinator (university certificate). The unit gives in that time 15-16 inches (38-41 centimeters) sporty new measurements to the arms, legs, chest, back and shoulders. Alone against the "belly" there is one exercise with 5 effects simultaneously, which not many know about.

Training at any time at home, hotel, beach

The Isokinator is a whole gym in your pocket (mobile hand-held class). You don't need anything else. Adjustable between 0.5 and 90 kilo pond. Strong as a vise. For professional exercising at home or away. You can do your work-out just when and where you want, even standing under the running shower. The Isokinator (made in Germany) is the world's first fitness machine that can do that. A great new and effective fitness experience. You save membership fees, long distances and time.

Suddenly everything is easy

Just set a resistance and dock hands or feet to pull the loops. Take this powerblock and keep it. Now you can move the unit to every direction (combination of isometric + dynamic). For example, horizontally from side to side. Or in large circles. Or vertically up and down. Depending on the desired muscle response and the exercises. Just follow the good explaining training instruction in English and German (always included). You need only 7 exercises for the complete body.

No more force guided exercises

The Isokinator is completely free of the forced movements. It follows with full resistance during the whole movement. Directly between the hands or feet. This gives explosive muscle growth for the whole body.

Koelbel Training Research guarantees 20 years for the device and ensures your success with it!

Made in Germany. 20 years warranty!






Customer evaluation for "Isokinator Classic - International Set"
9 Jan 2018

Best equipment for the money. Good total body exercise for just a short exercise time.

I used a Bullworker 2 during the mid 70's when I was in college. Have at the present time an X5 Bullworker since the 80's but used it sparingly since then. I started an exercise regimen a few months back but wanted a different type of exercise. Isometric/Isotonic was not giving me a fast result though at 59+ age the body does not respond as when I was in my youth. Received and started the Isokinator on Dec 6/17 I am showing progress with just 4 weeks into the training. The isokinetic exercise does not bother my arthritic shoulder and knees. Best equipment period. Thank you Gert F and Cliff Koelbel, I was a fan/believer then and still am now.

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