Isokinator Special - limited edition mobil training device

Limited Edition. Made in Germany. 20-year full guarantee by the manufacturer with "no ifs or buts"! Incl. training instructions, training diary, Iso-Hook, Soft-Bag, Crumpled Chart and other information.
Product information "Isokinator Special"

This limited special model is identical to the Classic model. But there are a few key differences:

Limited Edition Box-Set with training instructions, training diary, Iso-Hook, Soft-Bag, Crumpled Chart and other information!

11% more resistance : 100 Kilo (10kg more than the Isokinator Classic)

50% stronger loops : thicker material, fits better in the hand

20% less weight : instead of 400 grams, this model only weighs 325 grams - lighter, but significantly stronger

Limited edition mobile training device

This limited edition of the Isokinator is a special series. It is made of special materials and is therefore lighter than the standard models. The training resistance can be set even higher. Thanks to the special components, the material thickness of the pulling loops could be increased: And without changing the dimensions of the device! This model fits better in the hand, is a little lighter and also offers more resistance.

PS. Another note: The indicator balls in the cockpit are not gold-plated on this model, but chrome-silver.

Made in Germany. 20 years warranty!


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23 September 2020 13:50

Excellent fitness/training equipment.

I have been using my Isokinator classic for 7 years and ordered the new Isokinator special so that I have a lighter model to take with me on vacations. In my opinion it is the best piece of fitness equipment ever!!

Optional Extras

Isokinator Clutch Bag
Made of robust Nappa leather.

Measuring Tape plus Training Diary
It is very important to measure your training progress regularly. You notice some physical change not immediately in the mirror. Using a suitable measuring tape however you can already find 3-5 centimeter more muscle size quickly. This is a metric measuring tape in centimeters (not inches).