Isokinator Green Giant, the most powerful training machine for muscle building

For the professional with up to 180 kilo resistance! Incl. training instructions, training diary, Iso-Hook, Soft-Bag, Crumpled Chart and other information.

For much more muscles

Machine in breath taking reptile-gold-green for workouts between 1 and 180 kg (2.2 to 396.8 lbs). Adjustable via two separate resistance-sliders. Nevertheless, even a beginner can start with this machine. The technique tempts time and again to adjust higher resistance. Satisfied athletes call this machine (not without reason) "The Beast". Just feel the readiness of the 24 mm construction height and the mighty power-coils, to transfer sheer unbelievable power in your muscles! Surprising successful also for high developed athletes. 20 years warranty. High Quality Hand Made In Germany.

New model (since May 2020)! Like the limited edition models: With thicker handle loops and less weight.

Product information "Isokinator Green Giant"

Isokinator Green Giant Box-Set with training instructions, training diary, Iso-Hook, Soft-Bag, Crumpled Chart and other information regarding muscle building. 

The Isokinator Green Giant is the most powerful compact training machine developped by Koelbel Training.

Made in Germany. 20 years warranty!

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11 November 2020 20:12


I've been using classic for a couple of years, and really like the product and the service, when the updated straps came out, I decided  to purchase the green giant As before cant fault anything with device or service, im really pleased with new straps feel good in hands, now to start getting my reps and upping the poundages

Optional Extras

Isokinator Clutch Bag
Made of robust Nappa leather.

Measuring Tape plus Training Diary
It is very important to measure your training progress regularly. You notice some physical change not immediately in the mirror. Using a suitable measuring tape however you can already find 3-5 centimeter more muscle size quickly. This is a metric measuring tape in centimeters (not inches).