20 year guarantee on the Isokinator from Koelbel

An isokinator is of unusual quality. Every part on and in the device is made only from particularly durable materials. But with regular, proper use and constantly increasing physical strength, there will be hardly any noticeable signs of wear on the device. Even if you use a magnifying glass. In fact, we are certain that it could take decades before you might discover anything. And that's why we give a 20-year guarantee for the Isokinator "without any ifs or buts".

Warranty conditions:

As a manufacturer, we give you, as the first buyer and as our direct contractual partner, a 20-year guarantee on the Isokinator in addition to the statutory defect rights within the first 24 months. The period for calculating the guarantee period begins with the invoice date. The geographical scope of the guarantee protection is worldwide.

The guarantee refers to the freedom from defects of the Isokinator, including functionality, material or production defects. If a defect occurs during the guarantee period, we will provide you with one of the following services at our discretion within the scope of this guarantee: 

  • Free repair of the goods or
  • Free exchange of the goods for an equivalent item

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us as the guarantor: 

Koelbel GmbH
Hans-Böckler-Str. 36
30851 Langenhagen
Tel: +49-511-735200
Email: info@koelbel.de
Internet: https://koelbel.com/guarantee

Guarantee claims are excluded in the event of damage to the goods

  • normal wear and tear 
  • improper handling 
  • Failure to follow the operating instructions and safety precautions 
  • Use of force (e.g. beating) 
  • Attempt repairs on your own 

The prerequisite for claiming warranty service is that you allow us to examine the warranty case (e.g. by sending in the goods). It is important to ensure that damage to the goods during transport is avoided by using secure packaging. When applying for warranty service, a copy of the invoice must be enclosed with the shipment of goods so that we can check whether the warranty period has been adhered to. Without a copy of the invoice, we can refuse warranty service. If your warranty claims are justified, you will not incur any shipping costs, i.e. we will reimburse you for any shipping costs for sending the goods out. 

This manufacturer's guarantee from us does not restrict your legal rights against us from the purchase contract concluded with us. Any existing statutory warranty rights towards us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise. This manufacturer's warranty therefore does not violate your legal rights, but rather expands your legal status. 

If you, as our direct customer, would like to transfer your personal, extended warranty to a third person, for example because you resell the Isokinator privately, this transfer must be accepted by us in advance and approved in writing. An automatic transfer of this extended and voluntary guarantee commitment - without our prior review and consent - is not possible. The statutory warranty is of course not affected by this. If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us using the contact form. 

If the purchased item is defective, you can always contact us within the scope of the statutory warranty, regardless of whether there is a warranty claim or the warranty is being used. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, we ask you to contact us first so that we can clarify the next steps quickly and unbureaucratically: https://en.isokinator.com/contact/