Isokinator Green Giant - International Box-Set

Special set with extras

This set is one of the most wanted compilations with some special extras. You get the Isokinator Green Giant, the English manual (for men and women), the English DVD, the training diary, the Iso-Hook (for 5 special exercises), the Soft-Bag and the extremely robust Crumpled-Chart. All in one box. Nothing else needed.

New model (since May 2020)! Like the limited edition models: With thicker handle loops and less weight.

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  • WW9115
  • Each set incl. Isokinator Green Giant, manual, diary, DVD, Iso-Hook, Soft-Bag and Crumpled Chart.
Info: "Isokinator Green Giant - International Box-Set"

Made in Germany. 20 years warranty!

Customer evaluation for "Isokinator Green Giant - International Box-Set"
14 Nov 2020

Elegant in its simplicity

It's human nature to want to complicate - it makes us feel we're adding value. True value comes from making the complex simple. That is the genius in this device. It takes Isometrics to a new level by adding a yielding resistance, a way to measure applied force while doing the exercise, incorporate kinetic movement, and track progress, all in a device that requires no batteries, is ultra portable, and is practically indestructible.

15 Feb 2019

An amazing piece of machinery!

I bought the Isokinator after having bought and used another fantastic invention by Koelbel Training, the Bullworker. Unfortunately, I reinjured my rotator cuff so I have only been able to use my Green Giant a few times.

I find the simplicity of it amazing. I was using the Isokinator on Standby Mode, and the workout and pump was incredible. I was sore for days afterward, and had to wait about five days to workout again. I can see why the machine is so effective. I can’t wait until my injury is healed again so I can get back to training with it. I feel this piece of exercise equipment will last me the rest of my life. My wife is German, and we plan to visit soon. I’d like to visit the birthplace of my Isokinator and thank the Koelbel family personally if I can. Great work, Koelbel Training!

Admin 15 Feb 2019

Thanks for your nice review and your support.

Please keep in mind that we are only a mailorder. We are not prepared for visits. Because we conduct research and new developments, our doors must remain closed to all visitors. Sorry.

21 Jan 2019

Very good quality and ingenious product

I’ve used the isokinator for a few weeks now and I can feel the change in my functional strength!

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