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Isokinator Classic - the multi tool for all muscles all over your body
Isokinator Classic
Made for more and bigger muscles Solid basis-model with cockpit in gold / silver and adjustable levels of resistance from 0,5 to 90 kg (= 1 to 198 lbs...
€305.00 *
Isokinator Green Giant Box-Set with training instructions, training diary, Iso-Hook, Soft-Bag, Crumpled Chart and other information.
Isokinator Green Giant
For much more muscles Machine in breath taking reptile-gold-green for workouts between 1 and 180 kg (2.2 to 396.8 lbs). Adjustable via two separate resis...
€445.00 *
Isokinator Spaceman made in Germany
Isokinator Spaceman
Limited Space Edition Special deluxe device with cockpit in dull-black and red-gold. Made of material after the criteria of the manned space travel. With...
€435.00 *
Isokinator Lady - fitness and strength training for women, too
Isokinator Lady
Mobile training machine for figure-tightening until bikini body Discover the first training machine of humanity, which is like a watch or a mobile phone ...
€305.00 *
Isokinator Training Manual and instructions for men and women in English
Isokinator Training Manual & Instruction
This manual is included with each new Isokinator or any Iso-hook, but can also be ordered individually or additionally.
€15.00 *
Iso-Hook for additonal exercises using the Isokinator
Isokinator Iso-Hook extra strap
Snap hook with a long pull loop in climber- quality for 5 more new and advanced exercises . The Iso -hook loop extends the ...
€24.00 *
Isokinator Clutch Bag
Isokinator Clutch Bag
A noble bag made ​​of soft, supple leather for the Isokinator. Made for each model plus accessories (such as the iso-hook loop). With good zipper and embos...
€34.00 *
Isokinator Soft Bag
Isokinator Soft Bag
A special microfibre pouch that not only protects during transport. It can be used at the same time for care and cleaning. The roughened surface can finger...
€10.00 *
Isokinator Crumpled Chart
Isokinator Crumpled Chart
The hard wearing chart that nothing resents you. With only 20 grams a real lightweight! Mobile, waterproof and virtually indestructible.
€15.00 *
Set with measuring tape and training diary
Measuring Tape plus Training Diary
It is very important to measure your training progress regularly. You notice some physical change not immediately in the mirror. Using a suitable measuring...
€12.00 *
Isokinator Special - limited edition in silver/black design
Isokinator Special
Limited Edition! 11% more resistance : 100 Kilo (10kg more than the Isokinator Classic) 50% stronger loops : thicker material, fits better in...
€325.00 *
Isokinator Black Beast - the ultimate training machine
Isokinator Black Beast
Limited Edition! 11% more resistance : 200 kilos (20kg more than the Isokinator Green Giant) 50% stronger loops : thicker material, fits better in...
€475.00 *