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Precaution with recovered shoulder injury
Eingetragen am 24. January 2019, 06:41 Uhr

I have received my Isokinator today. I suffered from a torn rotator cuff a few years ago and was advised by a physician not to lift my arms upwards with much resistance. I notice that some of the Isokinator exercises involve lifting the Isokinator well above the shoulders. Should I return the Isokinator or can I still use it please?

Eingetragen am 29. January 2019, 08:49 Uhr

During the last 10 years we had no injury by using the Isokinator as written in the manual. To be absolutely sure please ask your doctor. He has the last word in this issue to decide if it's good for you or not. We are too far away and no doctor. We only have experience.

Normally you can use the Isokinator carefully through the whole range of motion. If you are feeling uncomfortable you better stop the movement a little bit before you reach that point. By time the range of motion will be greater. Please start with a very low resistance.

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